Melburnas Latviešu Koris

Latvia = Choirs

Some countries are often associated with a single word: Think Italy and pizza or Switzerland and watches. When it comes to the small Baltic country known as Latvia, that word is choirs. Latvia shines in its vast choral tradition, with its outstanding choirs and highly renowned choral conductors. Their composers write some of the best choral music. They always excel at choir "olympics". Latvians worldwide revel in the vast choral repertoire, both classic and contemporary, and aspire to a gleaming paragon in choral music.

Melbourne Latvian Choir "Daina" strives to emulate the Latvian choral tradition. Over three decades "Daina" has enjoyed performances in prestige venues in Australia's cultural capital cities. Ten original choristers are still current members, and many young singers have recently joined our ranks. "Daina" has the unique ability to reimagine and reinvent itself, and strives for choral singing at its finest, inspired and motivated by Latvia's greatest choral composers and conductors.



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Choir members

You people are awesome! The members of Daina attend weekly rehearsals for most of the year. They understand that the benefits far outweigh the commitment. They get to sing some of the best choral music in the world. They enjoy the experience of immersing themselves in Latvian culture. They enjoy the nerves before each gig and the warmth they receive from the audience. There are even health benefits as listed here and here .

The current choir members are (those that sang in the 30th anniversary concert):

Musical Directors/Conductors

  1. Zane Ritere
  2. Sandra Birze

First sopranos

  1. Kira Baumane
  2. Sandra Birze
  3. Jolanta Lārmane
  4. Lilita Lauriņa
  5. Gita Meiere-Nestecka
  6. Ivette Miglis
  7. Kristine Saulīte

Second sopranos

  1. Linda Graudiņa
  2. Rita Hach
  3. Ieva Ozoliņa
  4. Indra Pilskalne
  5. Ilze Štāla
  6. Karīna Vīksne

First Altos

  1. Anita Andersone
  2. Daina Grosa
  3. Līvija Judge
  4. Ilze Kasparāne
  5. Zinta Lazdiņa
  6. Ilze Nāgela

Second Altos

  1. Māra Baumane
  2. Dace Daliņa
  3. Simona Gaisa
  4. Dārta Kalniņa-Pleta
  5. Daila Piksone
  6. Gita Pūpēde
  7. Lija Pūpēde
  8. Indra Ritere

First Tenors

  1. Viktors Brenners
  2. Arnis Gross
  3. Daris Leitmanis
  4. Valdis Vagars

Second Tenors

  1. Roberts Atvars
  2. Petras Nesteckis
  3. Miķelis Stepaņuks
  4. Dāvids Zemdegs

First Basses

  1. Roberts Birze
  2. Andrejs Daliņš
  3. Mārtiņš Kvins

Second Basses

  1. Kārlis Ātrens
  2. Mārtiņš Biršs
  3. Tomas Kalejs
  4. Aleksandrs Šmits
  5. Edgars Vēgners

DV Nams Roster

Three choir members are required to help with Lunch at DV Nams on several Saturdays throughout the year. This involves serving and cleaning. You are to arrive no later than 11.45am and you will be there for approximately three hours. Dress is neat casual.


4th March

  1. Viktors Brenners
  2. Līvija Judge
  3. Māra Mednieks

6th May

  1. Zinta Lazdiņa
  2. Kristine Saulīte
  3. Pēteris Saulīts

1st July

  1. Ieva Ozolina
  2. Mikelis Stepanuks
  3. ????????

2nd September

  1. Daila Piksone
  2. Valdis Vagars
  3. ????????

4th November

  1. Māra Mednieks
  2. ????????
  3. ????????
  4. 2016

    5th March

    1. Daila Piksone
    2. Māra Mednieks
    3. Valdis Vagars

    7th May

    1. Linda Graudiņa
    2. Gita Pūpēde
    3. ????????

    2nd July

    1. Māra Mednieks
    2. ????????
    3. ????????

    3rd September

    1. Kalvis Jaunalksnis
    2. Mara Medenieks
    3. Anita Elberta

    5th November

    1. Daila Piksone
    2. Kira Alinta
    3. Roberts Atvars


    7th February

    1. Edgars Vegners
    2. Davids Zemdegs
    3. Indra Pilskalne

    4th April

    1. Ieva Ozolina
    2. Mikelis Stepanuks
    3. Kristine Saulite

    6th June

    1. ????????
    2. Dace Daliņa
    3. Andrejs Daliņš

    1st August

    1. Livija Judge
    2. Anita Andersone
    3. Ilze Nāgela

    3rd October

    1. Daila Piksone
    2. ?????????
    3. ?????????